Investment Selection

Pogson & Matt Wealth Management Group has access to vasy array financial vehicles to utilize in our investment process for clients. As an independent fiduciary, we have nearly the entire universe of investment options available without bias. As a group we perform due diligence on the opportunities, risks, and underlying expense of each of these vehicles. We build a customized solution for the client. Our Active Investment Process incorporates a disciplined approach to manage risk and reward as markets change.

- Individual Stocks
- Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
- Index Funds
- Actively Managed Funds

Fixed Income:
- Fixed Income ETFs
- Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
- Individual Bonds (Treasuries, Government Agencies, Corporates, and Municipal Bonds)
- Actively Managed Fixed Income Funds - All sectors including High Yield & International)

Cash Management:
- Taxable Money Markets
- Tax-Free Money Markets
- Short term CDs

Alternative Investments:
- Non-Traded Public REITs