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PMWMG was founded on a highly personalized service model that delivers ongoing solutions for income, growth and capital preservation. As an independent financial advisory firm, PMWMG has a fiduciary responsibility to its clients and does not submit to the sales or product agenda of a large organization. We focus on the depth of our client relationships to provide an outstanding customer experience through ongoing professional advice.

The PMWMG customer experience means we are:

Available – Our partners - your account representatives - are available for you, by phone, email or in person, to ensure we understand your needs.

Responsive – We continually monitor the markets and investment opportunities to ensure your portfolio is aligned with your financial objectives.

Proactive – Guided by our Active Investment Process, we seek to capture returns in positive markets and minimize losses in negative markets.

Educational – We employ an educational approach to our investment process to ensure you understand your options and potential outcomes.

Collaborative – Our group works collectively to formulate investment ideas and strategies to implement in client portfolios.

Commitment – Our commitment is to provide exceptional service and unparalleled customer support to every client with every interaction.