Pogson & Matt Wealth Management Group (PMWMG) is an independent wealth management and investment advisory firm. Founded on a highly personalized service model, PMWMG holds itself to an ongoing fiduciary responsibility to serve the best interests of each of its clients. While managing the growth of the firm is an important and ongoing endeavor, our primary focus is on deepening the relationships we have with each of our clients, their families and their trusted advisors.

We provide an ongoing evaluation of the broad scope of the investment universe to identify opportunities as well as to manage risk. As an independent firm, we are not limited by proprietary products or services. Our firm provides an unbiased evaluation of investment solutions for our clients' portfolios. Additionally, PMWMG is unique in that it executes an Active Investment Process to focus on participation in upward market trends, yet principal protection in down markets.

PMWMG currently is made up of three partners who act in an equal capacity to serve the group's clients. The partners have almost 100 years of combined experience assisting high net worth individuals and their families with financial planning and wealth management needs. Throughout these years, the partners have worked side-by-side and share a core philosophy in investment approach, client relationships and industry ethics.

In addition to meeting with you personally, we have created this comprehensive online resource at www.pogsonmatt.com where you can find industry news and resources, financial planning tools, and additional information on our strengths and capabilities. We encourage you to utilize the resources available on the site and contact us for more information or to discuss your unique situation in greater detail.